3 exciting new features rumored on iOS 14


Even though the official launch of the next update is many months away, fans are already getting a closer look at potential new features on the mobile operating system by Apple. As per reports, there are about 4 functions to be released on the upcoming iPhone operating system update which would build brand loyalty and user experience. 

iOS 14 could let users try uninstalled apps

Hundreds of iPhone users might be familiar with situations where they got curious about a specific app, installed it, and immediately uninstalled it because they just do not like it. Well, iOS 14 appears to move users out of such a situation with a neat solution.

The most recent rumours regarding the new and refreshing update pertains to an amazing feature that would let users try applications even if it’s not installed on the device. This will work through the use of QR code scanning

iOS 14 comes with a more secure Keychain?

As most of you may know that iOS users have long requested for several upgrades on the features of the iCloud Keychain. The upgraded Keychain on iOS 14 would sport a two-factor authentication option along with seamless functionality that reminds iOS 14 users if their password is a repeat or even and old one. 

Third-party apps set as defaults

One of the biggest updates reported for iOS 14 is that Apple is strongly considering to allow third-party apps to be used as defaults. For ages now, the American tech giant has not allowed iPhone users to choose Gmail or other email services apps other than the stock Mail app. For all you know, this might be changing in June 2020. 

iOS 14 release date

Please make note that most of these reported features came from some supposed internal builds which simply means that they are not final yet, and things could still change from today up to the official unveiling of the iOS 14 in June later this year. 

Furthermore, Apple has already officially confirmed to maintain the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in June 2020. The event will no longer held publicly due to COVID-19, millions of fans might be able to tune in to the keynote speech through their dedicated livestream. 

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