Apple Introduced A New Power Saving Feature On IOS 13.4.1

The new Apple iPhone SE emerges to have developed a habit of dimming the Phone app tile when the phone is not been used for voice calls in a while. Although Apple is notoriously silent about deep changes under the hood of iOS, and we doubt we would get anywhere asking directly so we decided to do some research online.

Although An app tile on an iPhone will be appeared to be dimmed when an app is being updated by the user, then the user will also see activity displaying the progress as the app is updated. A tile that is permanently dimmed is only something we had noticed in our Phone tile since updating to iOS 13.4.1, a week or so ago. Now our Phone tile dims regularly.

We first noticed that the battery life on our iPhone SE was totally shredded after updating to iOS 13. We also heard from many other users of older iPhones who reported having exactly the same problem. Sometimes we can actually see the percentage of remaining battery charge on our phone ticking down like a second timer. Also, it’s made the phone almost unusable when we are away from a power outlet. If we are browsing with Safari or using Twitter, we can easily burn through 40% of our battery charge in around 20 to 30 minutes.

However, we are wondering if the latest iOS 13.4.1 update includes some new power-saving function that puts the phone app to sleep to save power. We can’t say I’ve noticed a great improvement in the battery life since updating to iOS 13.4.1 and We are now resigned to buying the new iPhone SE as early as we could get to buy the new one. And also we will make some more research but we would be very interested to hear from other iPhone users who have also experienced this dim behavior.


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