Facebook is reportedly developing dark mode


The social media giant launched the much-awaited dark mode for Android users and is now developing a dark mode feature for iOS users. WAbetainfo was the first to spot the dark mode for iOS. On the other hand, 9to5 Mac was able to source more prominent pictures that would confirm the same.

The screenshots shared by India Today share a glimpse of how the dark mode for iOS is going to look. Earlier, Facebook had provided dark mode support to Messenger and Instagram but not the main app.

Facebook’s Dark Mode interface in Android would not be entirely dark like Messenger and Instagram. It will have a dominant grey with logos and white accents icons.

Facebook Dark Mode Feature Explained - iOSGuru

This has evoked mixed reactions from the Facebook users as some preferred a pitch-black interface while some are quite content with the grayscale design. However, the dark mode is still under development so these cannot be called the final outcomes as the design could change again before the final rollout.

The users can enable and disable the dark mode through the in-app settings but iOS users will also get an option to adjust the appearance based on their iOS preferences. Various reports have not revealed when the social media giant plans to roll out the new feature as Facebook is also testing multiple options before finally releasing it for the people.

Amongst all the social networking apps, Instagram was the first one to have a functional dark mode feature for both its Android and iOS users. In order to activate this feature one needs to upgrade its operating system to iOS 13 and Android users would require the latest Android 10 to use the function.

Earlier in March, WhatsApp had rolled out the much-awaited dark mode for its Android and iOS users. It arrived automatically for people who had the latest Android 10 or iOS 13 versions.

The dark mode feature comes with a lot of advantages, it only enhances the look of an application but it is also good for you and your phone in many ways Dark mode theme helps in saving the battery life of your phone as it doesn’t emit as many lights as the normal mode does.

I would say that it is good option for people who spend a better part of their day fiddling with their phones as it reduces the light emission and manages the color contrast ratios which are important for readability.

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