Facebook rolling out Quiet Mode feature on iOS

The social media giant, Facebook is taking a page out of Apple’s Screen Time playback and has decided to roll out a new Quiet Mode feature to the Facebook app on iOS. This unique feature will allow users to set a schedule for when they want to mute notifications from the Facebook app as reported by this trusted source.

To explain it in simple words, when the Quiet Mode is enabled, users can mute all notifications from the Facebook app and even see a warning when one tries to open the app. For example, if you have Quiet Mode enabled on your device and you open the Facebook app, you will immediately see a splash screen telling you that the feature is enabled with a countdown to when it will turn be switched off.

Quiet Mode builds on the existing digital tools in the Facebook app on iOS. With this, you will be able to see new details on how much time you spend using the Facebook app, including breakdowns by day, week, time of day, and a lot more.

In an official online statement, Facebook has announced that the new Quiet Mode feature has been added to “keep people safe and informed about the coronavirus (COVID-19).”

The company wrote:

We added Quiet Mode, which mutes most push notifications, and if you try to open Facebook while in Quiet Mode, you’ll be reminded that you set this time aside to limit your time in the app. We also added shortcuts to Notification Settings and News Feed Preferences, so you can make the most of your time on Facebook by controlling the type of posts you see in your News Feed as well as the updates you receive.

Furthermore, this Quiet Mode feature mimics some of the functionality offered by Apple’s own Screen Time tools. Users can turn off notifications completely for the Facebook app through the iOS built-in Settings app.

How cool is that?

Facebook is rolling this feature on iOS in phases and by May all iOS users will have it updated. If you are lost and would like to check this out, simply open the Facebook app, tap on the far-right menu in the navigation bar, and looking for the “Your Time on Facebook” option. It’s that simple!

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