HBO streaming no more on Apple TV

As per HBO, they have stated on their website that they would stop streaming on Apple’s older generation TV as HBO states it wants its user to provide the best streaming quality experience from April 30, 2020.

Although, you have other ways to stream HBO GO, which are as follows :

  • You can use your HDMI Cable to connect a phone or other devices.
  • You can use another streaming device to stream HBO Go.
  • Connect Chromecast or Firestick from phone/tablet or computer.

HBO addressed the above-stated news on March 30, 2020. Furthermore, there is also a banner now visible on the older version of Apple TV’s – Apple 2nd and Apple 3rd generation HBO Apps.

HBO subscriptions currently cost about USD 15 per month (which is the same as an Apple TV subscription) and can be shared across all the platforms including Apple TV that can be shared between 6 members in a family against 5 on Netflix.

Rumors about HBO Max will be launching at the end of May 2020. As we can see from the news online, the company is also planning to launch another subscription video-on-demand streaming service from Warner Media to increase its content offerings.

The Apple 2nd and 3rd Generation TV’s are quite old and Apple is also upgrading its TV, it’s not only HBO which is having a problem on streaming. There are instances that YouTube has had similar issues with regards to loading on Apple’s 3rd Generation TV’s and there are so many more avenues that it could happen even more in the future.

On the other hand, Apple TV 4k is a major upgrade for its user. The App Store also includes apps like Disney+  where you could access the video services that older generation TV’s could never do and with new Apple TV, you also get Apple arcade gaming service. We feel that the Amazon Fire TV Stick is another option for a very inexpensive price compared to the Apple TV 4k.

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