iPhone 12 design with smaller notch and iOS 14 home screen widgets

Well, here is another leak of what the iPhone 12 camera bump could look like, the same Twitter source has now shared a larger image yesterday that has also showed the supposed front of the iPhone 12.

As you can see, this is the new design iPhone 12 with a notch that is less wide than the current iPhone 11 series. AS can be seen, the outlined graphic shows a stylized representation of the home screen on the iPhone 12, as if this image was meant to be used in an instructional manual in the future.

Many sources including us, cannot confirm its legitimacy and its original sourcing is unclear, so it is best to wait for some more things to crop up regarding this.

We can roughly suggest that the new notch is about a third smaller whereas the width of the earpiece speaker seems to be the same, but the spacing to the left and right of the speaker has been made smaller.

We have been hearing some talk that the design of the notch would change this year, but we are not expecting anything concrete like it being removed.

The new flagship iPhone lineup is believed to resemble an iPhone 5 look with sides that are straight, a departure from the curved industrial design introduced earlier with the iPhone 6.

Another interesting thing about the image is the home screen itself. What we can take from it is the mixture of app icon squares and larger block elements on the iPhone 12. This is reference to the rumored home screen widgets feature, which was mocked up above.

iPhone 12 Leak - iOSGuru

Based on iOS 14 code findings, our source has first reported that Apple was developing home screen widgets support. This would mean that updating widgets dynamically could be shown next to app icons for the first time.

Up till today, widgets have been constrained to a single separate page in the user-interface. Apple’s development of the feature on the iPhone 12 was in early stages as of the build we saw. It’s is still not clear if work on the feature will be completed for iOS 14.

Whilst @choco_bit has proved very reliable in the past, we remain skeptical of the authenticity of this particular ‘leak’. Apple is officially expected to announce iOS 14 in June 2020 at WWDC, and the new iPhone lineup will debut in the fall.


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