Is this what iOS14 will look like?


The American tech giant, Apple is working on a vibrant redesigned wallpaper settings panel for iOS which is based on an early build of iOS14, that includes images which are separated by categories and much more.

As can be seen from this Twitter user, DongleBookPro, who regularly shares some images of Apple’s internal products, has posted on 4th April 2020 some screenshots which shows the new wallpaper settings panel from iOS14 in realtime.

These screenshots confirm the default wallpapers which are simply separated by collections. These include “Earth & Moon”, “Classic Stripes” and “Flowers” to offer a better organisational structure. So now onwards, users will be able to easily scroll through each collection to in search of a specific wallpaper.

Home Screen on iOS14 - iOSGuru

As can be seen in the shared screenshot, the “Home Screen Appearance” option is similar to the watch face settings from the Apple Watch app. Once this feature is enabled, users have the option to define a dynamic smart wallpaper that will only show on the home screen. These smart yet dynamic wallpapers include a color that is flat, a blurry one and a dark version based on the current wallpaper.

SpringKit on iOS14 - iOSGuru

As you might know that this option is quite cool, it could be part of something even more substantial on iOS14. There is evidence on the iOS14 code of another new feature internally referred to as “Avocado”, which is related to an app called Springboard which amazingly controls the entire Home screen.

Now we can say that Apple is working hard to provide real widgets on the iPad and iPhone home screen for the first time ever. Instead of the pinned widgets on the iPadOS 13, the new widgets on iOS14 can be moved around, just like any other app icon. This feature is still being implemented and there are chances that Apple may just scrap it but let’s hope for the best.

Keeping that in mind, it makes total sense that users can set a background photo for the lock screen and a flat or blurred version on the home screen which is really amazing.


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