Premium Battle: OnePlus8 vs iPhone SE (2020) Comparison Which one offers more value-for-money?


The OnePlus smartphone facing competition from a feature-loaded Apple? Yes, it’s true! The recently-launched iPhone SE 2020 starts at 42,500 INR, which launches it into the bracket of the OnePlus’s usual price tags.

Bear in mind that the OnePlus 8 offers a cheaper price tag in India (41,999 INR), in comparison to the rest of the world. On the other hand, the iPhone SE treads on a similar note in an albeit reversed manner, its prices in the USA beginning from 399 USD.

At such a juncture, the Indian high-end smartphone buyer would be debating whether to purchase an OnePlus 8 or consider opting for an Apple iPhone SE…
But hesitate no more!

We, the team of iOSGuru are here to help you decide your pick, based on a few crucial markers… Read on!


One fact is inevitable. Just admit it: any iPhone model whatsoever draws attention to the much-envied Apple logo on the rear cover, and OnePlus still needs to fight fiercely to catch up and establish that mark for itself. But yes, factors of diverse offerings and practical functionality do need to be considered when dealing with the brand image.

Having said that, with its textured matte glass back and curvaceous frame, there’s no doubting that the OnePlus 8 is indeed the better-designed phone of the two. It also looks flashy, although this may not appeal to the chunk of consumers preferring an understated and nondescript design, something that comes with the iPhone SE. Also, the latter phone offers better proportions that fit snugly into an average palm-size, and is one-hand usage-friendly, too. So it’s a matter of personal choice here.


Let’s get it straight as there are no two sides to this: the 90Hz AMOLED panel in the OnePlus 8 is definitely more superior here. It will stun you with its more vibrant colors, tinier bezels, and higher resolution levels, all of which add up to provide a richer viewing experience.
Apple isn’t all that bad though, offering a humble little IPS panel that’s not even Full-HD. The TrueTone technology and the optimization options offered by Apple make attempts to compensate for its shortcomings, but still, the OnePlus is clearly ahead in this department.


It’s a close fight here. With the OnePlus 8’s multiple lens camera systems, users are offered an alternative to shooting telephoto and wide-angle shots, albeit not having the most superior outcomes.
In comparison, the Smart HDR and A13 strengthen the SE’s stellar image processing to stay ahead of its competition for most situations.
The absence of Night-Mode on the SE is gravely left out, but the impressive results in most other scenarios will probably make up for that. With its much-improved dynamic range, the SE’s 4K 60FPS video provides an advantage over the OnePlus as well.

If you prefer diversity in photography options, the OnePlus 8 appeals better, but when consistency matters more, the iPhone SE gains the upper hand.

Software, SoC and Performance

The Snapdragon 865 underpinnings paired with faster memory constraints in the OnePlus 8 do seem to make it a better choice, with 5G Support seemingly the cherry on the icing! But actually, what’s the point? One must remember, this is something that’ll hardly be put to the thorough test in a country that struggles to support a smoothly efficient 4G network…

The SE’s biggest trump card is the A13 Bionic, which is Apple’s most-recent flagship chip. Sharing space on its hardware platform with the maxed-out iPhone 11 Pro, the SE is deservingly a soaring performance beast.

Backed by Apple’s legendary software optimization with an insanely powerful chip in its kit, the iPhone SE is undoubtedly better suited for everyday usage. Also, one must consider that the iPhone SE will be supported by software updates for the next 5 years in the bare least. And given Apple’s past track record, the SE is a huge nod for the practical consumer.

Although some might refute here by pointing out the Android options that offer the owner greater control over system processes, keep in mind that the average user won’t be too ill-equipped, with iOS 13 being considerably more open compared to its predecessors.

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