What happens when users put an iPhone 8 motherboard into the iPhone SE?

The iPhone SE  is going on sale on 24 April 2020  and an early teardown shows the similarities between the new iPhone SE and the iPhone 8.

On 22 April 2020, A Youtube video was posted, by Wenzhou Ao Technology by the Youtuber “Jiang Teardown”. the video, explains the new iPhone SE pull-down side by side with the iPhone 8 to check the differences. but this youtube video is in Mandarin, although English subtitles are available.

The brand new iPhone which runs on iOS looks the same as the older generation iPhone 8, which needs heat to soften the adhesive holding the display in place. Once it is removed, the display comes aside from the frame and is held in by the same cables as the iPhone 8. but it is hard to even tell which phone is good from the inside.

The components and the side of the battery and the layout looks the same between devices. The video also noted that the display assembly looks to be universal and installed, It turns out they are the same part.

The layout of the motherboard is also exactly the same, so the video also tried to swap out the SE’s board with that from the iPhone 8 and hooks it up to see if it works. The battery connector is different on the SE as it’s similar to the battery connector from the iPhone 11. So in video Jiang tried to remove the new battery and replaces it with one that would power the iPhone 8 board.

The iPhone boots up normally, there is an iPhone 8 logic board that was fitted into an iPhone SE. The speaker, display, and haptic engine all work perfectly. Although the differences start to show when Jiang opens the Camera app. Although The main camera does not work the front-facing one works fine also the iPhone SE has components that are directly carried over from the iPhone 8.

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