8 useful Mac Tricks and Tips you definitely should remember!

Apple has designed numerous shortcuts and hidden features built into Mac OS, including shortcuts to keyboard commands and other hacks to make its utility more convenient.

Here are 8 useful Mac Tricks and Tips you definitely should remember!

See Where Files are Stored:

If you have a Documents/Downloads folder on your dock, you can hold Command and click on a file/folder, in order to reveal its location in Finder.

Move Files Quickly:

To move file locations using keyboard shortcuts, simply press Command-C to copy the intended files, then use Option-Command-V to transfer those files to a new location.

Paste with Style Matching:

While pasting something, if you use Option-Shift-Command-V instead of just Command-V, you could convert the pasted content into the pre-existing content style of the document. If you have a text paragraph that’s in Italics, for example, and then want to paste in text from the web and convert into Italics too, you can use this keyboard shortcut.

Preview Files From the Dock:

In the Documents or Downloads folder on the Dock, move your mouse over a file, then press the spacebar to glimpse a preview. This technique also works for selected files in Finder.

Transfer your files quicker:

If you press down “T” when your Mac is booting up, you can enter Target Disk Mode. In this mode, use a Thunderbolt 3 cable to transfer larger files between two Macs considerably quicker.

Convert a Website Into a Dock App:

Any website can be added to your dock by simply dragging the URL bar over to the dock’s bottom section that houses open/recently-used apps. This makes it faster to open since you can click from that spot along with all your apps.

Quick Print Shortcut:

Try going to the Printers and Scanners section of System Preferences, then drag the icon for your favorite printer to the desktop. You can now drag and drop files onto the printer icon to automatically print them.

Screen Sharing in Messages:

When in a Messages conversation with somebody, click on the “Details” link, then click on the icon that looks like two screens together to initiate screen-sharing with whom who you’re conversing with. This is very useful for troubleshooting problems for less tech-savvy family members, provided you can get them to click the screen sharing option.


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