Apple is Working on ‘Steve Jobs Heritage Edition’ AR Glasses

Apple is reportedly working on a new limited-edition version of its  AR (augmented reality) smart glasses, designed to look like the round glasses which are frameless that Steve Jobs was famous for wearing.

The news was revealed in the new podcast –  Cult of Mac‘s latest Cultcast hosted by Jon Prosser, founder of  YouTube show Front Page Tech and  Prosser, was also sharing a flood of Apple rumors in recent weeks.

Jon also mentioned in his podcast that Steve Jobs Heritage edition version of the smart glasses which Apple is working is similar to the gold Apple Watch which was available when the ‌Apple Watch‌ launched, same as the $10,000 gold one when it first came out. The new Apple glasses will be a tribute to Steve Jobs.

Apple’s smart glasses will be containing different models and different styles, with the “Heritage Edition” which is said to be limited edition. The material used on the heritage version and the cost of the new Heritage Edition Glasses are unknown.

Jon mentioned in the podcast that he has seen a prototype version of the AR glasses and called them “sleek as hell,” which looks similar to the glasses that Apple CEO Tim Cook wears or a pair of classic Ray-Ban traveler.

There are no projector components and both lenses will have displays also Apple is using in-display technology which is made to look like glasses” without cameras.  Apple will call its AR glasses (augmented reality glasses) as “Apple Glass,” although Google had already used the “Glass” name for Google Glass way back when the google glasses was originally released. The Apple Glass will be rumored to be priced at $499, and prescription lenses will have an additional fee.

Apple is planning to reveal the glasses as a “One More Thing” surprise at the iPhone event by the end od of 2020, but the announcement could be postponed to March 2021 keynote due to the global COVID crisis.

However it is worth noting that some sources  called all of Jon Prosser’s smart glasses leaks as “complete fiction.”


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