Apple moves AirPods Pro production to Vietnam from China

Apple moves AirPods Pro production to Vietnam from China. As per the new report, some AirPods Pro outer cases now say that the headphones are manufactured in Vietnam, On May 20, 2020, a   Twitter user, posted the image of the Airpod pro case and also multiple reports who recently purchased the new Airpod Pro pair, indicated that the company might be reducing its dependence on Chinese production. Generally, AirPods Pro carries a message behind its back of its case which says the device was assembled in China.

Apple assembles the majority of its products in China but now Apple has shown interest in sizable foreign funding towards diversifying its production. That’s mainly due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic and also the ongoing war between  China and the US that imposed a tax on some Apple products and put pressure on Tim Cook’s ( Apple’s CEO) lobbying efforts with the Trump administration. And now Apple also began assembling some iPhone models in India, too.

In February Apple provided a rare investor note on the worldwide supply of iPhone would be “temporarily constrained” as its manufacturing partners in China elevate back up amid the COVID outbreak. As per the last July report, Apple was considering moving some of its production to Vietnam on account of the trade war.

Although it is unclear on what percentage of AirPods Pro is assembled in Vietnam or if Apple has other plans to make more products in Vietnam. However, as per Tuesday’s report, Apple plans to use factories in Vietnam to assemble a pair of yet to be announced over-ear headphones, but Apple is anyway going to produce some headphones in China also.


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