Apple scheduling phased work return plan commencing with hardware development


A recent report reveals that Apple is scheduling a work plan in a phased manner, for its employees globally; the initial phase of which will permit “staff members who cannot work remotely/face difficulties operating from home” to return to Apple offices.

This first phase has apparently “already commenced in certain regions, globally” and is projected to expand to more offices by late May or early June. A second phase will then follow in July, constructed to “return even more employees to Apple’s offices.”

As per the new report, The senior Apple managers are presently informing employees of these plans.

“This week, senior Apple managers are beginning to inform employees whether they’re in the first phase or a later part of the schedule. First-phase employees will either be asked to work regularly from the office or only for limited periods depending on their roles, the company has told its staff.” An Apple spokesperson has reportedly declined to comment on this.

These plans, though, are “fluid, and may fluctuate” according to local stay-at-home orders and the latest Coronavirus data updates.

Certain Apple workers have been working from corporate offices since COVID-19’s spread began, in order to keep operations functioning. This includes business-critical operations like hardware testing, data centers, amongst others.

It is highly probable that the first group of employees returning currently and next month will be a small expansion of hardware development, but the report highlights that several projects have already been recalled:

The first phase of employees returning to Apple offices shall largely focus on hardware development. Apple’s labs for future major hardware initiatives, including augmented-reality headsets and planned virtual-reality have been dialed back during this work-from-home period, a person claimed.

Regarding 2020’s WWDC, Bloomberg discloses that Apple engineers are “filming demonstrations” of the upcoming software updates from home. WWDC will begin on 22 June, as Apple had started a week ago.

Apple has also gradually begun reopening the shutters of its retail stores across the U.S. and many other countries, too.


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