The all new Apple iPhone SE (2020) in for review

The Apple iPhone SE 2 or iPhone SE 2020 is the most talked phone since it became official on April 24, 2020. Also, iPhone SE is the most popular phone in our database, which means we are going to review it.

We got the device of 2020 which comes in red and a standard retail box with a Lightning cable, Apple stickers, a 5W charger, and a SIM, ejector tool, and Lightning headphones.

The 5W charger is bad by 2020 standards but at least the iPhone SE (2020) supports both faster-wired charging (18W) and wireless charging but, half of the iPhone SE’s (2020) charm is its low price and the other half is because of the compactness.

Although it is not much smaller than the 11 Pro but it is 40g lighter, which brings in a significant difference in feel. The new iPhone SE isn’t ideal of media playback the screen size is  4.7-inch 750x1334px display is small by 2020 standards but the panel is stunning and if you don’t bother to care about fangled tall-aspects it will be perfectly acceptable to you.

If you have plans to buy an iPhone SE (2020)  Touch ID is just as zippy as it was in 2017 and the presence of a physical home button is likely a Plus point. The iOS is superfast so much so that any user coming from an older iPhone will notice the difference. The new iPhone SE is just about as responsive around the OS the same as the 11.

However, the new iPhone SE has a small battery (1,821mAh). Will it last longer when compared to Apple’s current lineup of iOS mobile devices?

All of which are excellent battery performers. We will answer that in our full review. We would request you to sit tight and wait for our new review.

Stay tuned and keep on reading other news about Apple Music , Apple iMac’s and various other leaks.


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