All about Apple News+ Audio in iOS 13.5.5 beta


Apple News+ : Apple’s newspaper subscription service and digital magazine, Apple News+ is receiving an Audio feature in the newest iOS version. Apple News+ will be available with iOS 13.5.5, which was launched on June 1, 2020.

Going by reports from 9to5Mac, there will be a new Audio tab in the default News app. Even though this tab isn’t presently available to iOS 13.5.5 beta users, select tech-reporters have been granted early access to it. The Audio tab features curated audio articles which are obtained directly from current Apple News+ magazines.

Apple is seeking permission from publishers to produce audios of stories distributed through News+ and is scheduling to utilize actors to record long-form pieces.

Users will be provided the alternatives to play/pause, go back thirty seconds, or skip to the next article. Further, there are more options concealed behind an ellipsis that allows users to access Queuing, Share the Story, Link back to the original-written article, amongst others.

The Audio tab is where users can locate all created audio content, but they’ll also be able to find direct links to start audio playback by a ‘Listen’ button atop the eligible articles.

Alongside a top “Apple News Today” article, the Audio tab consists of an audio articles list, which could be played subsequently. These could be arranged from such a tab to place them in the order of playback or preference.

Users can subscribe to Apple News+ for $9.99 per month. Subscribers shall be allowed complete access to all audio articles, while non-subscribers will get limited parts of the audio.

iOS Guru adds…

Apple apparently seeks to create audio articles from pre-existing content on Apple News+, for good benefits. Regarding this matter, even podcasts have grown in popularity for their ease of usage convenience while working out, accomplishing chores, or even driving.

With significant permission to create audio articles on a content basis, the value of Apple News+ shall escalate, with little work or doubt. Offering audios may improve self-image amongst present users, and positively attract more to subscribe for the same.

Do note that publishers aren’t too optimistic though, bearing in mind that current revenue from News+ isn’t very impressive. Let us speculate and watch how/which players agree to have audio articles created from the existing onboard publishers.


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