Apple rejects Facebook’s Gaming App from the Apple App Store


As per our new source, Apple once again rejects the Facebook Gaming app from Apple’s App Store, Strengthening that Apple is not as open to competition. Apple had reviewed the gaming App in the past few weeks, but now Apple has decided to definitely reject it.

New York Times reported that Facebook is not surprised by Apple’s decision of rejection, as Facebook has been trying to push the Facebook Gaming app on the App Store unsuccessfully from February.

Facebook offers a complete gaming platform with a social network and also live stream gameplay dedicated to it. Also, Facebook offers its own games inside the app, which is the main reason for Apple not approving the app.

People familiar with the New York Times told that Apple continues to claim that the App Store does not allow third-party apps to distribute games as a separate platform. Facebook Gaming app was rejected by Apple at least five times before the final decision as per another source.

The reason is related to the fact that Apple doesn’t want its own  Apple Arcade and App Store business to be affected by allowing other Apps to offer their own games stores on the iPad and iPhone as Apple would certainly lose a considerable amount of money.

Facebook Game had effected by appearing to compete with Apple’s own sales of games. As Games are the most lucrative category of mobile apps worldwide. Also App Store is the only officially approved place for  iPad and iPhone users to find new games and other programs which generated around $15 billion revenue in 2019.

This story comes at the same time when Apple is being accused of anti-competitive actions for restricting the App Store business model. This week, the “Hey” email from basecamp was banned from the App Store for offering subscription service that could only be subscribed via an external website, so Apple could not charge the 30% fee for each subscription.

Although Apple has not commented on the decision to not approve the Facebook Gaming app on its App Store, Although Facebook expects Apple to rethink the rejection.

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