Create and save custom color palette collections on new ‘Pastel’ App


If an Apple user is a designer or a developer or maybe both, The user would probably work with different colors in different projects for experiments, which may not be so easy to remember each one. The new Pastel app is created by developer Steve Troughton-Smith an app for iPhone and iPad, which lets the users create and save custom color palettes with advanced tools.

The new Pastel app is the solution to the problem of having to keep track of the colors you use most in your projects. Rather than using your device’s native color picker or writing down color hex code in a text file, Pastel offers a new elegant and intuitive way to manage colors.

The app brings some sample color palettes built-in on the iPhone and the iPad, which inspire users’ future artwork. If a user already knows what they need, they can create new collections with multiple color palettes. From there, the palettes can have as many colors as you need, and there the tools available lets you save exactly the right colors.

Also, the users can explore new colors or find them by the hex codes, which is available for every color users save. For those unfamiliar with hex codes, it can be easily copied and used by developers to set colors for interface elements.

Also, there is a useful and fun method to scan colors using a camera or photo. The Pastel app identifies the main colors in the image and saves them in a new palette. The Pastel also works with drag and drop on iPad, so users can drag saved colors directly to apps like Pages and Keynote. All of the data is saved on iCloud and synchronized between your devices.

Pastel is available for free on the App Store for iPhone and iPad, although there is a one-time purchase cost of $4.99 to unlock unlimited color palettes. There will be a Mac version of the Pastel app also which will be available soon in the app store.

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