HBO Go discontinued, HBO Now rebranded after HBO Max launch


Last month, HBO released its new streaming service, HBO Max, that offers not only HBO channel’s content but also from the whole WarnerMedia group. The company, though, is currently making some modifications to its present product line-up to steer away from confusion with HBO Max.

Earlier, two apps were offered by HBO: HBO Go and HBO Now.
HBO Go was targeted towards users who had HBO included as part of a streaming/cable TV package; whereas HBO Now permitted anybody to subscribe to HBO as a singular service.

Lately, however, things have changed with HBO Max, making it tough for certain consumers to understand which service they should utilize henceforth.

Since HBO Max is a broader version of HBO Now, the old HBO Now the app has been updated and rebranded as HBO Max. Simultaneously, cable TV subscribers who have HBO included in their bundle also gain access to the new HBO Max, thus rendering HBO Go almost useless. Hence, it will be scrapped from 31 July 2020.

As The Verge claims, these alterations could cause potential problems for certain users. WarnerMedia is yet to sign a deal to offer HBO Max on Roku or Amazon Fire TV devices, therefore these platforms will still have HBO Now (which will be renamed as HBO).

The service shall continue to include only HBO’s catalog, with its cost still at $14.99 per month.
Additionally, HBO has also dropped out of Apple TV Channels, where users could subscribe to HBO content directly on the Apple TV app. Instead, interested iOS and tvOS users must now download the HBO Max app from the App Store.

Do bear in mind the fact that HBO Max is presently only offered in the USA; hence other countries shall not be affected by these modifications.


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