New iPhone Design Leaked: Bad News, Apple!


Several modifications have been made with the Apple iPhone 12; however, not all is impressive. The upcoming phone’s schematics have been recently exposed, and they don’t seem very exciting.

This leak gained by Apple Premium reseller JinStore, reveals that Apple isn’t tweaking the smartphone’s design, much as expectations hoped for. On the plus side though, it is hinted that Apple is truly redoing the iPhone 12 with a more angular design, rather similar to the iPhone 4. This change has been long-anticipated by owners and critics who were tired of slippery rounded corners that have been made every year since the iPhone 6’s 2014 introduction.

It has also been speculated that Apple schedules to launch 4 iPhone models in 2020 itself, with a new 5.4-inch entry-level iPhone 12, slotting in the category below the 6.1-inch design, while the iPhone 12 Pro/iPhone 12 Pro Max also grow larger.

On the downside, the schematics predict that Apple has not reduced the notch, thus causing the iPhone 12 range to appear quite outdated as compared to its competition. Further, the bezels don’t seem slimmer, and there’s no sign of the amazing LiDAR camera on the iPhone 12 Pro models, with only 3 rear modules shown. If proved true, this could be a disappointment for many potential buyers.

A ray of hope still persists, though. While there isn’t any cause to doubt JinStore’s information (being Apple’s renowned official partner), there are chances that these schematics could be for case makers. This could be relevant because case makers only require precise chassis dimensions. For instance, the rear camera layout and notch can be withheld, without affecting their ability to manufacture cases ahead of its launch. Thus, Apple can supply 2019’s design details in these places to continue its secrets.

The iPhone 12 range is expected to be marked with fewer prices, A14 heroics, 5G for all models, and reduced release hassles; and this leak has aroused much speculation! One thing’s for sure: the iPhone 13 has larger expectations to fulfill.


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