These 5 iPhone Hacks on TikTok will blow your mind right now

If you are looking to find out the Hacks for iPhone, An unusual way to control your phone that you would not even know if it was possible, or perhaps just become more phone-savvy, then this is the list for you.
1. Scan documents to PDF
While having copies of your ID proof, paper, or even written notes you would like to create a  back-up to PC for safekeeping, there is always a need for a scanner. The only issue is that not everyone has access to one. This is why iPhone hack for scanning documents to PDF is a great hack.
Steps to scan documents to PDF:
  • Click and hold the “Notes” app.
  • A menu will popup – Click “Scan Document”.
  • Put your document that you need to scan in front of your camera.
  • If the user’s device is set in Auto mode, the document will be automatically scanned. If you have to do manual scanning, click the Volume buttons.
  • To adjust the document drag to the corners and then click “Keep Scan”.
2. How to share your location
If you need to share your location quickly, it is an emergency or you don’t have time to send your exact location, this hack will definitely be of use.
Steps to share the location with iMessage:
  • Open your imessege app.
  • Type “I’m at” and then the Current location icon will appear.
  • But make sure your location service is switched on, Apple’s autocorrect feature will be able to find and send the current location.
3. Hide photos from camera roll
The problem of someone taking your phone to swipe through your camera roll after showing them to view one picture. However, with this new iPhone hacks, you will be saved from the embarrassment of them stumbling across something private.
Steps to hide photos on your iPhone camera roll:
  • Open the camera roll.
  • Select the video or photo that you want to stash.
  • Click the share icon then click “Hide”.
  • Click Confirm
4. Rearrange all apps at one go
There comes a point when you go shopping spree in the App Store, The layout of apps will no longer feel good. So there is a  hack to rearrange your apps so that you can find them at a flash.
Steps to Reset all apps at One-Go:
Click and long-press the app while tapping the other apps simultaneously which you would like to group together. The apps will appear in a group and can be moved collectively and placed into the same folder at once.
5. Play music while recording
Music is automatically paused once you start recording using the camera app. But sometimes we’d actually like to combine the two. 
How to continue music playing while video recording:

Click and press photo mode and swipe across the screen until it reaches the “unlock” symbol to the right.


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